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Roger Fernández, our oenologist

Roger Fernández, our oenologist - Vionta

Roger Fernández has been Vionta’s oenologist for 18 years. He trained in his profession in Barcelona and Burgundy, France. His extensive knowledge, patient devotion and endless enthusiasm have made our wines intricate and unique.

Roger has no doubts as to where our essence lies: “We were one of the first wineries to use sur-lie maceration in Rías Baixas”. This gives our wines their complex structure and peculiar bouquet. Their personality can be enjoyed by the most individualist professional and amateur wine enthusiasts. “That’s our secret”.

Our wines are the expression of the granite and sea of Galicia. Roger believes these two elements are clearly present in Vionta. The acidity and structure of the wine takes us to the hardness of the granite, a rock used to build the traditional Galician pazos and hórreos (granaries and houses) and which is still used to hold up the vines on older terrains. However, its complexity takes us to the rough seas of the Atlantic Ocean, present on the palate in the form of lively aromas and flavours.

Roger is soon to start work on his 17th vintage and he continues his adventure with the enthusiasm of the first harvest, when things were very different. “Twenty years ago, the weather was cooler, and it rained more, the grape ripened more gently and the musts were more acidic”. Now the climate has turned upside down: summers are drier, and the grape is healthier, which means we can play a more minor role in the wine-making process and enhance the natural bouquet of our wines.

It hasn’t been easy, but we have managed to create unique wines that speak of their origin and that makes us feel very privileged. “Thanks to Vionta, I can show the world a part of Galicia”, says our oenologist. And the best part is being able to share it with the people around us.

For Roger, Vionta is a dream come true. “I think that if you are to be enthusiastic in your work, you have to be something of a dreamer”.

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