Land of dreamers

A perfect taste, a dream come true

Vionta is the home of all dreamers.
We dreamt of creating the perfect Albariño wine and we have achieved that. So now we send a message out to the world on each bottle of Vionta: find your own dream and don’t stop until you make it come true.

Our home

Vionta is our small Galician island. We know we wouldn’t have come this far without the inspiration we get from this place of natural beauty in the heart of the Rías Baixas region. A place where we work inspired by Galicia and the endless power of imagination.

Our home - Vionta

Discover the essence of Bodegas Vionta

Wines that hold unforgettable sensations.

Vionta makes us work for what we want, showing us the unforgettable excitement of seeing our dreams come true.

The land

Enamoured of the land we walk on, a privileged land that gives us the opportunity to harvest our grapes in unbeatable conditions. To dream is also to find the place you belong to and we have found that place here.

The land - Vionta


To make the perfect Albariño wine, we select and treat each grape with complete devotion and loving care. Each bottle of Vionta contains all our experts’ energy and enthusiasm to offer you an unbeatable product.

Perfection - Vionta
Albariño - Vionta


El The perfect Albariño wine. A well-balanced explosion of flavours, elegant, intricate and inspiring.

Tasting notes

Brilliant straw yellow in the glass with flashes of green.

On the nose, a bouquet of fruit, including tropical fruit and green apple, banana and melon.

On the palate the attack is smooth and pleasantly acidic, giving way to a blend of ripe fruit with peach at the fore.

+ Info
Designation of Origin: Rías Baixas
Coupage: 100% Albariño
Maceration: Most of the production was macerated sur-lie to improve the structure.
Serving temperature: Best enjoyed at 8-10ºC
Pairing: Ideal with fish, shellfish, white meat and rice dishes.
Gold medal Albariños al mundo 2017 - Ireland
First prize XXWIII Rías Baixas Tasting Competition. 2016
Gold medal 5th International Albariños del Mundo Competition. 2016 - Netherlands

Godello - Vionta


A Godello with character. The intense bouquet of this wine is the perfect inspiration for making your dreams come true.

Tasting notes

A clean, brilliant wine, lemon-yellow in the glass with flashes of green. Fruity bouquet of green apple, plums, pear and a prominence of citrus. A wine of medium intensity. On the palate, the fruit reappears with a perfect balance of acidity and alcohol.

+ Info
Designation of Origin: Monterrei
Coupage: 100% Godello
Maceration: When the fermentation process is complete, the wine is aged sur-lie for two months.
Serving temperature: Best enjoyed at 8-10ºC
Pairing: This wine is big on the palate. Ideal for pan-grilled poultry, white fish, mature cheese and potaje gallego (Galician stew).

Otros vinos de la bodega

Agnus Dei

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